︎ Ideas of nature seen from the abstracted edge of perception.  ︎ Hypnotizing play of forms and colors, such that the distinction between fantasy and verity is rendered incidental.  



Special edition fabric for Yngve Engström’s classic Lamino chair

"The founder of Swedese, Yngve Ekström, also had a deep interest in music, poetry and art, so therefore it feels very natural that Swedese has invited the Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi to design a new fabric for furniture and textile accessories."

Lamino easy chair by Swedese is a Swedish design classic characterized by its organic shapes. Yngve Ekström designed the Lamino easy chair and ottoman in 1956, and they are is still handmade in Vaggeryd, Sweden. The beautiful wooden structure and excellent ergonomics have made Lamino one of the true icons of Swedish furniture design, and its appearance looks fresh and inviting also in interiors of the 21st century. With the woven fabric ‘Nature’ in five colour combinations, Saksi brings new energy to the timeless Lamino. It is also available in a printed version for pillows.