︎ Ideas of nature seen from the abstracted edge of perception.  ︎ Hypnotizing play of forms and colors, such that the distinction between fantasy and verity is rendered incidental.  



A dome-like installation consisting of 11,000 patterned paper sheets

The Hello! Paper Pavilion is a social space conceived by the Swedish architect Gert Wingardh and the Finnish visual artist Kustaa Saksi for the 2013 edition of the Furniture & Light Fair in Stockholm. The project is an example of real sustainability, intended as a design approach focused on obtaining the maximum result by using a reduced quantity of a completely recyclable material.

Furthermore, in the case of the pavilion, such intent leads to powerful and iconic visual results, where 11,000 A3 sheets form a dome-like volume resembling a cathedral interior. The paper sheets are arranged in 1,120 stacks, hung through wires to a suspended false ceiling; the bottom side of the lowest sheet of each stack carries a part of a gigantic image which acts similarly to the fresco paintings on a cathedral vault. To reinforce the allusion to the archetype of all communication places, below the paper dome a series of tables, constituted of  reflecting laminate tops supported by a total of 70,000 A4 size paper sheets, are arranged like benches in a church and placed in front of an altar-like speakers’ podium. The construction of the Hello Pavilion required an absolute precision: the “dome” was  almost completely assembled at the ground level and then raised up to its final position.