︎ Ideas of nature seen from the abstracted edge of perception.  ︎ Hypnotizing play of forms and colors, such that the distinction between fantasy and verity is rendered incidental.  



An illuminated installation decorated and patterned like a modern-age Fabergé egg

Saksi uses an egg as a starting point for his work as it is a common theme in Nordic mythology and appears in important role in folk art around the world.

The World EggCosmic Egg, or Mundane Egg is a mythological motif found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations. Typically, the World Egg is a beginning of some sort, or symbolises the universe around us. The complex patterns and textures feed imagination and inspire people to tell their own stories. The installation 'Muna/Egg' was first seen in the Finnish pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014.