︎ Ideas of nature seen from the abstracted edge of perception.  ︎ Hypnotizing play of forms and colors, such that the distinction between fantasy and verity is rendered incidental.  



A collection of fabrics and prints inspired by blue oceans, aquatic plants and animals

Kustaa Saksi makes his debut for Marimekko in the spring/summer 2015 home and fashion collections. He was inspired by the invigorating feeling of freedom one can experience when faced with the force of nature.

The collections bring this feeling to an urban setting, offering an escape to nature through prints that depict waves, seas and underwater life. The vibrant colours of the collection were inspired by blue oceans as well as aquatic plants and animals. ’Marimekko and me – we’re both known for our bold shapes and use of colour, so it was interesting to combine both our worlds together, and I think we managed to do it quite seamlessly,’ comments Saksi. ‘I like rich, detailed patterns with large solid areas as contrast as well. Combining aquatic, abstract and semi-abstract shapes, flora and fauna together also leaves space for the viewer’s own imagination. In the home collection, the fascinating Merivuokko (sea anemone) and Meriheinä (sea grass) prints are seen as fabric, home textiles and tableware. In the fashion collection, it is ocean waves, turfs and swirls that are at the fore, bringing tropical jungles and floral oases to the city. The fascinating patterns offer a fresh interpretation of Marimekko’s design language.